HIZA Hospital, Lucknow


  • Established in 1992 at densely populated area of Old Lucknow.
  • Provides medical services to more than 10800 poor patients per months.
  • All major facilities including dentistry, ophthalmology, ENT, gynaecology, and orthopaedics are available.
  • Awareness programs related to AIDS and other fatal deceases are conducted regularly.
  • Immunization and Pulse Polio Program are also arranged for the masses.

HIZA Charitable Hospital was established by the Ahlul Bayt Foundation, Najafi House, Mumbai, in 1992 and TMT was handed over TMT to manage and develop its operations. It is situated in a densely populated area in old Lucknow, where the majority of people live below the poverty line.


HIZA provides medical services in a small, two-story building of less than 4,000 square feet, yet it attends to more than 10,800 patients per month who are treated by a team of six physicians, four consulting specialists and twenty paramedical staff. For the minor fee of five rupees, the outpatient department provides treatment and medicine to the poor. Six days a week, the hospital facilitates minor surgical procedures in dentistry, ophthalmology, ENT, gynaecology, and orthopaedics which are supported by the X-ray and pathology labs, and physical therapy treatments, when appropriate.

HIZA also manages a branch of the Smile Train Project in collaboration with the Vivekanand Polyclinic in Lucknow. More than a dozen cleft-lip and cleft palette patients received surgical repairs, and the clinic at Baragaon treated more than two dozen patients. Services of both the clinics were free of charge to the patients.


To further serve the community, regular campaigns are held to educate the populace about proper health precautions for personal hygiene, sanitation, environmental considerations, the hazards of smoking and chewing pan masala, STD's and AIDS, and other communicable diseases. On most Sundays, immunizations and the Pulse Polio Program are available to the public.

The World Health Organization (WHO) sponsors the Microscopy DOTS Centre to eradicate Tuberculosis. Sputum examinations and anti-tuberculosis drugs are provided free of cost. This past year, the Centre performed close to 317sputum tests, enrolled about 107 new patients during this year and cured more than 100 patients.