MU College, Aligarh


  • M U College with diversity of students from almost every corner of our country was established in 1997
  • Spreading over 2.5 acer of land it is an English speaking residential campus affiliated with the ICSE New Delhi.
  • It is helping in intellectual, moral and spiritual development of more than 284 students.

M.U. College engages the intellectual, moral and spiritual development of the student as a complete person. The school provides a framework for the assimilation of ethical standards that build logical reasoning, critical and creative thinking, and the essential humanistic qualities that foster positive characteristics in adulthood. As a consequence, young people come from all across India to attend: from Leh and Kargil in the north, to Hyderabad in the south, Kolkata in the east and Mumbai in the west. The diversity of the student population enhances broad and high ideals, and creates a greater global perspective for the students' lifelong pursuits.

Sajjadiyya Trust of Toronto, Canada partnered with us to establish this unique college in 1997 in University City at Aligarh as an English speaking residential campus, affiliated with the Indian Council for Secondary Education in New Delhi, for students in grades VI through XII, offering both science and commerce majors in study. It has 20 teachers and 35 support staff to oversee the academic and residential requirements for 284 students. The campus site is spread over 126,000 square feet, with structures totalling 90,000 square feet in four main blocks: New Hostel Block, Old Hostel Block, School Blocks and staff residences. In addition, there are three large playgrounds. The college also has full time security and maintenance staffs, and all that which allow comfort for the students and staff in a seemingly self-contained and reliable environment.


Academics are the strong suit of the college, and as such, student progress and achievement is monitored against the national curriculum standards. There is constant and substantial improvement in the performance on Board Examinations by our students. Because student development is rightly stressed at M.U. College, all students participate in school management, regularly attend career guidance and counselling, and have opportunities to interact with experts in various fields who visit the school from across India.


Sports are such a healthy component of growing up that we encourage all of our students to actively play cricket, soccer, volleyball or table tennis as a compulsory part of the daily schedule. Inter-house tournaments lead to college teams that play interschool tournaments which in turn allow star players to be selected in district teams.


Facilities at M.U. College are clearly modern. For instance, the Hostel Blocks which provide the residential capacity for 280 students contain four dormitories, ten senior student rooms, warden rooms, a kitchen, dining hall, medical bay, common room, prayer room, study hall, and barber and tailor shops. Additional flavour is added by naming the student dormitories and senior residences after renowned scientists: Dr. A.P.J. Kalam Hall, Avicenna Hall, Al-Biruni Hall, Geber Hall, and Al-Hazen Hall.

The School Blocks house state-of-the-art facilities, as well: the auditorium and library; physics, chemistry, biology, computer and language laboratories, 20 ventilated classrooms, a staff room, snack bar, and administrative offices. The Medical bay is a 6-bed clinic, supervised by a qualified Physician, and offers preventive, diagnostic and treatment for all students and staff. Emergency care is referred to University Medical Hospital, underlying the serious thought taken to ensure the health and safety of all of our students.

Mr. Minhaj Arastu, Academic Director, Sajjadiyya Trust of Canada evaluated the college facilities, academics and operations with very positive remarks and grades.


Extra curricular activities are very important at a residential college, and teachers extend the learning experience beyond the classroom to broaden student's awareness and knowledge of the world. Students participate in various clubs and inter-school competitions, attend lectures and other events.


TMT is very grateful to the trustees of the M/s. Sajjadiyya Trust of Toronto, Canada for supporting and funding M.U.College Project.